Real-time analytics
for real world results.
We are bridging the gap from online to offline. Data for the real world,from the real world.

UpgrΛIde your data, with LIVIΛ today.

Groundbreaking hardware

Our device, created from a privacy-first engineering principle, allows for edge-computing, without any compromise on security or privacy.

Gamechanging AI

Our AI can turn the raw data you have available on site into actionable data, only improving as it gathers more insights.

Breakthrough platform

Usability really is a spearpoint for us. Delivering the best intelligence doesn’t matter if usability isn’t at the same level.

upgrΛIding with LIVIΛ.

Simple platform, 

advanced features.

With data of online behaviour at your fingertips, the level of first party data of what happens in your own location is almost ancient. Worse even is that this gap means marketing activities have to be designed off of superficial metrics in online behaviour. 

With that premise, we started developing LIVIΛ; to bridge the gap between what you can measure online to real life customer behaviour. The great thing is, you already have the data at available, specific to your activities.

First party data, telling you what your customers are doing.

First party data, telling you what your customers are doing.

Monetise it yourself

Have you ever wondered about market research information ‘okay, but does this apply to my environment?

We did.

Gathering data that you already have available means you can monetise this intelligence, design customer journeys, optimise your promotion setup, offer insights to advertisers or test your new product offerings with our powerful, AI driven dashboard.

Maximum security.

Hosted in Germany.

Privacy and insights are not mutually exclusive. We truly believe that gaining a perspective on what your customers do, does not require knowing them individually. We’re also confident your customers would like you to adhere to that as well.

With our LIVIΛ solution, you can get 24/7 market research directly at the point of sale, while keeping individuals 100% anonymous and unidentifiable.

Artificial Intelligence made and hosted in Germany. 

Smart data for everyone.
Yes, for you too.

LIVIΛ enables every screen to become an intelligence gathering device. If you have your own shop, a restaurant, supermarket, or gym, LIVIΛ can enrich your business.

In-store movement

Where existing solutions
already allow for in-store movement tracking,
our built-in AI gathers actionable
insights that go beyond counting or measuring
linger time.

With LIVIΛ you can gain intelligence
on if a person saw your content,
if they picked up the product,
considered it, put it back, or proceeded to purchase.
This gives you much more information than
just a ‘view’ or an ‘impression’.

Targeted content

With this same level of data ‘depth’, you can see how different content works with different audiences and of course, if you are getting the expected engagement or not.

This intelligence can then be leveraged to optimise your content mix on any other channels as well. Learnings. Learnings everywhere.

Conversion tracking/ Product placement

One of the most significant ways online commerce and customer interaction has changed the way we do business, is conversion tracking. LIVIΛ enables exactly that for the physical world.

Besides using it to close your sales funnel, it is possible to connect your ERP system to track stock levels, see what times give the highest conversion and see what audience buys your product the most.

Smart sensors

This is where the real magic occurs. We started off this journey thinking of ways to make real-life data easy to track, get automated insights at an affordable price.

With that in mind, the ease of installation should of course be equally simple. With our own proprietary box we can ensure it is just as easy to install as it is to use.

We are a member of the Infineon accelerator program. This allows us to build the solution you need.

LIVIΛ platform

All of the above is a great foundation, but having data isn’t the goal in and of itself. Having actionable data is key.

With that in mind our innovative dashboard is not only user-friendly, it is built to give you information you can act on, with suggestions and notifications given by our proprietary AI.

Start your AI journey now.

LIVIΛ offers a quick and easy solution to utilise AI-technology with modular,
GDPR compliant and easy to deploy hardware modules.